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We strive to provide you with the information you need to make the best use of your alarm system and help you manage your account. Below are the answers to some of our frequently asked questions about our security systems and smart devices, account information, billing, and more. If you need additional assistance, please call our customer service team.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will my security system work even if the power goes out?

Using a dedicated cellular connection, your system will continue to work and our monitoring center remains connected even if your phone line is cut, the internet goes down, or even during a power outage. Depending on your system, backup batteries typically last anywhere from 18 to 36 hours.

How do I know my system is being monitored right now?

We recommend you call us at 210.716.0900 to have one of our representatives test your system. We’ll have you test your system by arming it and opening a door to send us a signal. Then, that’ll let you know that we’re actively monitoring your system.

Why am I unable to see my cameras on my phone?

If you’re unable to view your cameras from your mobile app, it may be because your network status or internet connection are both down. Contact your internet provider to resolve these issues. If you continue to have problems viewing your cameras, contact us at 210.716.0900.

If I disconnect or change my landline phone, will my alarm still work?

It depends on how your system is set up. If your alarm is set up to be monitored through your home phone line, then your system will be affected and may not send signals to our monitoring center. If your system is monitored through your home phone and you are planning to disconnect or change your home phone services, contact customer service at 210.716.0900.

What does my maintenance plan cover?

Your maintenance plan covers normal wear-and-tear (excluding device batteries), product defects, and equipment failure due to errors in workmanship.

If I replace any doors or windows in my home, do I need to contact you?

If you plan to replace any doors or windows in your home, contact customer service at 210.716.0900. We recommend having one of our technicians out to remove any hardware before and after construction to properly reconnect your system.

If my home or business already has a system installed, can I activate it?

Absolutely! No matter what company installed your current system, our installation team will update it and connect it to our 24/7 monitoring center. Call us at 210.716.0900 and we’ll help get you started.

I'm moving locations. How do I bring my security system with me?

If you’re moving homes or business locations, you can take Pro-Tech Security with you! When you know you’re moving, give us a call at 210.716.0900 and we’ll set you up with one of our consultants to walk through your new property.

Can I claim my security system through my homeowners' insurance?

Yes! Many insurance providers offer discounts on their policies if your home or business has a monitored security system. Give us a call at 210.716.0900 and we’ll help walk you through the steps you need to take.

Do I really need professionally-installed security and fire protection?

If you’re considering a DIY security solution versus a professional service, think about the time it takes to contact local authorities. With a professionally monitored system, your alarm sends signals to our 24/7 monitoring center at the fastest speeds.

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My panel is showing a communication failure. What does this message mean?

Communication failures are associated with radio devices on your system. They occur when power has been shut off, alarm radio signals aren’t working, and the backup battery has lost its charge. Check all your circuit breakers to ensure the unit has A/C power. If there was an extended power failure and it has been restored, try clearing the message on your panel by performing the normal reset procedure for your alarm panel. If you are experiencing regular communication failures, call today to schedule a maintenance request at 210.716.0900.

If a burglar destroys my security panel, will my alarm not trigger?

With our “Smash & Crash” technology, your security panel will still send alarm signals to our monitoring center even if a burglar destroys or disables your panel.

What if a burglar forces me to disarm my security system?

Ambush codes are meant to be used when you’re forced to disarm your system by an intruder. Entering this code into your panel disarms the system normally while also sending an ambush signal to our monitoring center. Upon receiving this signal, we’ll immediately dispatch the police to the site.

How often should I test my alarm? How do I go about doing this?

We recommend that you test your alarm system each month to ensure it’s in working order. Before testing your alarm system, call us at 210.716.0900 and a representative will put your system into test mode. Once in test mode, you’ll then arm the system and begin testing devices. If the signals did not come in as anticipated, your system may require service.

I set off my alarm, so I entered my code and disarmed it. Why didn't you call me?

When there’s an accidental activation of your system and you enter your code, we automatically get a cancel signal that helps prevent false alarms. When a cancel signal is received, no call will be placed to the site since a valid code was entered into the panel.

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