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Business video monitoring and smart activity analytics

A new way to monitor and manage your business from anywhere. Business Activity Analytics allows business owners to create video monitoring rules around movement, crowd gatherings, tracking customer wait times, and more. Business owners can transform the way they protect their business and gather information from their security cameras to make informed decisions.

Why video analytics?

As advanced as today’s security cameras have become, the technology they use enhances security and alarm responses while keeping you in the know with smart video monitoring. No matter what, your security cameras are always on the lookout and will notify you of any unexpected activity, overcrowding in certain areas, help to speed up customer wait times, and more.

Here’s what video analytics can track:
  • People, vehicles, or animals entering your property
  • Store display interests and monitoring customer activity
  • Overcrowding near emergency exits
  • Anyone loitering or vandalizing around your property
  • Closely surveilling your receiving area, shop floor, and more

Monitor foot traffic

Draw a tripwire anywhere within the property to count how many people cross that invisible line in one direction.

Mindy is managing the relocation of the refrigerated foods section in the grocery store she owns. She enables the people counting rule at the entrance of the aisle to count the number of people who walk through that aisle to help determine if the relocation was successful.


Control certain areas

Use virtual tripwires to determine total net occupancy at any given time with multidirectional counting and get alerts when occupancy is too high.

Samantha, a local comedy club owner, enables the occupancy tracking rule to help his team adhere to the club’s fire code max capacity limit during a show. Before the show begins, Anthony uses the MyProTech mobile app to confirm with the coordinator that they are under capacity by 2%.


Track movement

Draw a ground zone to track and visualize where people spend the most time within an area during a specified date and time range.

James, a clothing boutique owner, used a heat mapping rule to monitor the effectiveness of a recent retail display she put together. She sees that foot traffic at the display has declined and updates the display to renew customer interest.


Avoid overcrowding

Draw a ground zone and count how many people are in the defined area at any given point and get alerts when too many people gather in a defined area.

Jenny, an urgent care clinic manager, creates a crowd-gathering rule during walk-in hours to monitor incoming traffic and ensure regulatory compliance. When crowds gather, Kevin notifies his office staff to form a socially distanced line and help break up the crowd.


Speed up wait times

Draw a ground zone to count how many people are in a defined area and measure their average wait time and get alerts if the queue length or average wait time exceeds preset limits.

Robert, a grocery store manager, uses the queue monitoring rule to help identify customer wait times in 10 different checkout lanes. When wait times increase, Robert receives a notification and opens two more checkout lanes to speed up the checkout process.

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