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Security system sensors: Water, temperature, motion sensors, and more

Getting ahead of danger before it strikes can save your home or business thousands of dollars in restoration and repairs. Security system sensors are an important part of any security system due to their fast detection technology and immediate alerts. Paired with 24/7 monitoring support, sensors add additional layers of protection to the people and things you value most.

Motion Sensor

Motion detection is a great way to manage all movement inside your home or business. We’ll help you place sensors in rooms with high traffic, near entryways, and anywhere you feel should have that extra layer of protection.

Door Sensor

When a door opens after arming your system, our door sensors trigger the alarm and you’ll receive a mobile alert immediately and notify our monitoring team. You can also stay in control of when doors stay open after certain periods of time.

Glass Break Sensor

Glass break sensors will trigger the alarm and send you an instant alert as soon as window or exterior door glass breaks. Our sensors detect various glass types, including tempered, plate, laminated, coated, wired, and insulated glass.

Window Sensor

As another potential entryway for break-ins, window sensors add another layer of protection for your home or business. Our 24/7 monitoring center will know when a window opens after you’ve armed your system and alert you immediately.

Water Sensor

Avoid thousands of dollars in repairs with our smart moisture and flood detection devices. Water and flood sensors are useful in basements or near kitchen sinks and your system will alert you immediately should there be a leak or broken pipe.

Temperature Sensor

Whether in a home or business, some rooms may be different temperatures than others. Temperature sensors alert you on your mobile device when the temperature rises or falls to an unsafe living or working condition.


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Real, monitored protection of all your security system sensors is unlike anything else. With our leading technology and 24/7 monitoring, Pro-Tech Security gives you a new sense of control over your home or business. The moment your sensors detect any danger, our monitoring team will contact local police, fire, or EMS when you need them.

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