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24/7 Monitored
Commercial Security Systems

Safety alarms and monitoring

When it comes to fire, carbon monoxide, and water damage, early detection makes the difference between managing minor issues to dealing with a complete disaster. Pro-Tech Security provides the latest safety alarms paired with 24/7 security monitoring systems for businesses to ensure you, your employees, and your facilities are out of harm’s way.


Fire inspection and design

The fire protection team at Pro-Tech Security has the highest level of fire safety certifications, including meeting all annual and acceptance inspections. Let Pro-Tech support your needs to meet all regulations regarding fire protection, including commercial security monitoring systems for fire alarms, fire sprinklers, suppression systems, and exit and emergency lighting systems.


  • Pro-Tech Security designs, installs, maintains, and tests all our fire protection systems.
  • Avoid costly repairs and malfunctioning equipment.
  • Establish a safer working environment.
  • Provide a secure building for all building occupants.
  • Improve the resale value & benefit from a better-maintained building.
  • Get a possible reduction in insurance premiums.*


Monitor the first signs of danger

Carbon monoxide detectors protect your business and employees from poisonous and deadly gases, with options to also include methane and propane detectors.


  • Immediate alerts when sensors detect carbon monoxide.
  • Photoelectric sensing technology and ionization sensor technology.
  • Options for the detection of methane and propane gases.


Detect water and prevent flooding

Flood protection and temperature monitoring help to avoid sump pump failures, frozen pipes, and costly damaged equipment. With Pro-Tech Security’s ultra-sensitive water leak detectors, you’ll receive an alert of moisture present or when a pipe breaks or leaks.


  • Immediate alerts when sensors detect water.
  • Multiple, customizable installation options.
  • Ideal for areas around sump pump, A/C drain tubes, washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators.

* Some items may require both the fire department and your insurance carriers to verify proper system maintenance.
Many insurance carriers give businesses premium reductions for properly installed and maintained fire protection systems.


Control your business at your fingertips

All business security systems at Pro-Tech Security can connect through the MyProTech mobile app. Using the app, you can control everything from arming and disarming your alarm to approving access to your facilities. As employees come and go through designated access points, you’ll get the personalized alerts you want so that you know exactly who is trying to enter the building. Call today to learn more about our security monitoring systems for businesses.


24/7 monitored protection

Pro-Tech Security is a leading security and safety alarm provider due to our local 24/7 security monitoring protection. Take the hassle out of monitoring the safety of your business and know that you’re partnering with a provider that puts you, your employees, and your facilities first. With the latest technology, we’ll monitor your business to detect the first signs of fire, carbon monoxide, water damage, and more to help prevent danger before it’s a disaster.


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