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Business Security Systems

You want to protect the business you’ve spent years building, and we’re here to help.


Powering smarter business security systems

Pro-Tech Security provides complete business security systems for both large and small businesses. From using the latest video analytics to track camera activity to real-time alerts of alarm events, we have what you need to protect you, your staff, and your property from break-ins, fires, and other emergencies 24/7.


24/7 real-time video surveillance

Real-time video-voice communication between your location and our highly trained ARC™ video monitoring analysts. With our enhanced two-way communication, Pro-Tech Security’ team of analysts can intervene at the first sign of a threat to your goods or employees. Protect your property, employees, and brand from any potential crime 24/7.


One less job to do

Protect and manage your business security system with Pro-Tech Security’s cloud-based security technology and ProTech mobile app. Our ever-expanding set of business security solutions means you’ll always have access to cost-effective, cutting-edge technology without having to learn or install new software. Call today to learn more.


Better security, fewer frustrations

Eliminate common security system frustrations, significantly reduce false alarms, and retire old security panels. Take advantage of auto-arming to ensure your property never gets left unprotected, cancel false alarms remotely, and receive alerts of unexpected activity, such as doors opening at unusual times. Manage your monitoring station emergency contact list directly from either your MyProTech mobile app or online dashboard.

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Work with a name you trust

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Effortless video security for your business

Security cameras help ensure that you are always online and recording. Plus, secured video cloud storage allows your cameras to store video feeds even during a fire or flood. You can watch live camera feeds and receive alerts when your cameras detect someone unexpected on your property.


A new way to monitor your business

Transform the way you protect your business with Business Activity Analytics. This powerful feature uses your business cameras to monitor traffic flow and the movement of people across multiple locations to help you make informed decisions.


  • Determine total net occupancy at any given time with multidirectional counting.
  • Use heat maps to track and visualize where people spend the most time within an area during a specified date or time range.
  • Count how many people are in a defined area at any given point and get alerts when too many people are in one place.
  • Measure average customer wait times and get alerts if the queue length or average wait times exceeds preset limits.


Protection that your business needs

Pro-Tech Security is the one-stop shop for security, fire, and life safety solutions for businesses of all sizes. Take the hassle out of monitoring and maintaining the security of your business and know that you’re partnering with a provider that puts the safety of you, your employees, and your facilities first.

When it comes to professionally installed and monitored security systems for your business, Pro-Tech Security has what you need. No matter what, our 24/7 monitoring center knows the presence of a break-in or life safety emergency the moment it occurs.

Security cameras and the latest video technology create that first line of defense you need for your business. Watch live camera feeds and get alerts when your cameras detect someone unexpected on your property. You can also transform the way you manage your business by gaining insights from your security cameras.

Detecting the first signs of smoke, carbon monoxide, or water can be the difference between managing minor issues and dealing with a complete disaster. Guardian Alarm uses smart sensing technology to monitor and alert local police, fire, or E.M.S. when smoke, carbon monoxide, water, and other dangers are present.

Provide a more secure working environment with an extra layer of protection for the restricted areas of your business. Using facial recognition, keycards, and more, you can create custom access for employees and receive mobile alerts when someone unexpectedly attempts to enter the building.


Managing risks for businesses of all sizes

From office buildings to large industrial warehouses, we stand guard for all types of businesses.



Help protect against break-ins and robberies with security solutions like 24/7 video monitoring in your dining or lobby areas.



Use the latest video technology to prevent theft by monitoring foot traffic and customer wait times from anywhere.



Protecting banks and financial institutions requires security features like intrusion alarms to the latest in access control.



Our fire, security, and life safety products provide warehouse and industrial sites with solutions to deter theft and improve productivity.



From automotive dealerships to boat launches, protect your property with the latest video analytics and 24/7 video monitoring.



Whether it’s for K-12 schools or city hall, we develop solutions from fire and carbon monoxide detection to after-hours intrusion alarms.



Use the latest video technology to prevent theft by monitoring foot traffic and customer wait times from anywhere.



Pro-Tech Security provides the best in fire protection, 24/7 video monitoring, and more to healthcare facilities of all sizes.



Smart sensing devices for fire, carbon monoxide, and more help to support safe working environments for all energy-based facilities, including chemical and power plants, utility facilities, and more.

We’re local and secure what matters most

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