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Real-time monitored security systems you can trust

From fire to intrusion,
Pro-Tech Security is there

By protecting your home or business with Pro-Tech Security, your monitored security system communicates all signals to our 24/7 monitoring center. From alarm triggers to smoke detection, our UL-certified monitoring center responds to intrusion, fire, and carbon monoxide emergencies and dispatches the authorities immediately.

The Pro-Tech Security Difference

When it comes to professionally installed and monitored security systems for your home or business, Pro-Tech Security has what you need. No matter what, our 24/7 monitoring center knows the presence of a break-in or life safety emergency the moment it occurs. From the first signs of detection to dispatching local police, fire, or E.M.S., our monitoring specialists are specially trained to help detect danger before it’s a disaster.

Security Monitoring

When there’s an intrusion or other unexpected activity that triggers your alarm, we act immediately to ensure you get the help you need. Don’t wait until a break-in occurs at your home or business before you call.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Every year, over 340,000 structure fires occur causing $7.3 billion in damage. Early detection of fire and carbon monoxide can save you and your family from a potential disaster.

Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing you’re protected by the fastest-acting and most experienced security professionals 24/7.

We’re local and secure what matters most

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