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Video doorbell camera systems

Whether you’d like to monitor people entering your business or watch package deliveries at home, the video doorbell camera uses the latest video analytics to keep you aware of what’s happening at your front door. Using movement-sensitive technology, this doorbell camera system detects when people are present, filters out unlikely threats, such as falling leaves, and sends you alerts when there’s movement. Even if they don’t ring the doorbell, you’ll always know when someone’s at your door.

Video Doorbell features


When the video doorbell detects a person, the green light on the ring button lights up, letting those know that the camera is on and watching.

Crystal-Clear Footage

High-definition footage allows you to clearly see who or what is at the door. The camera’s infrared night vision can also detect movement during the night.

Live Voice Communication

Do you have a visitor? Talk to them right through your security panel or MyGuardianAlarm mobile app with two-way voice technology.

Security System Integration

You can monitor and control your camera through your security panel or remotely through the MyGuardianAlarm mobile app.

Live & Recorded Video

See both live and recorded video footage and keep certain footage saved from your panel or mobile app.


The doorbell camera can withstand weather like rain, snow, and more, ensuring it stays on and watching, no matter what.

Go wireless. Stay in control.

Pro-Tech Security’s wireless video doorbell provides smart security solutions with easy installation. The wireless video doorbell becomes one of your first lines of defense, sending you alerts the moment your doorbell detects a person in range. Using your security panel or the MyProTech mobile app, you can answer the door or view recorded footage from anywhere to keep up with the day’s events and stay in control of your home or business.


Expand your video doorbell

Pro-Tech Security’s smart chime extender expands your Wi-Fi connection for the wireless video doorbell. This gives you the ability to hear your doorbell in any room. Our wireless doorbell and video analytics can work together with other smart security features, including your security system, door locks, smart lights, and more.


Watch your doorbell camera from anywhere

Interact with your visitors at the door in real time using your security panel or the MyProTech mobile app. With the wireless doorbell, you can keep track of all the day’s events, like your kids coming home from school, when packages are delivered, and more, with just a few taps.

Video analytics

The latest video analytics uses your doorbell camera system to detect people and automatically filter out unlikely threats, such as falling leaves. You can customize your video doorbell to ignore people who come and go (like a jogger) but alert you if someone stays in range for too long.

Video analytics also lets you enable specific zones for your video doorbell, allowing it to further identify activity based on the layout of your home or business as well as the areas you choose to protect.

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