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The smarter business solution

Access every smart device in your business all from one location. Using the MyProTech mobile app, you can control connected lights, door locks, window shades, and even the thermostat, all with just a few taps. Whether you’re in the office or on vacation, you can stay in control of your business security with real-time mobile alerts and a full view of the most important activity of the day.


Your business… now smarter than ever

  • Thermostat

    Use connected smart thermostats to keep your business comfortable 24/7 and prevent employees from making costly changes. Get mobile alerts when the thermostat setting changes, the refrigerator door didn’t close, and more.

  • Cloud-Based Security

    Protect and manage your business with Guardian Alarm’s cloud-based security technology through your panel or mobile device. Our ever-expanding set of business security solutions gives you access to cost-effective, cutting-edge technology and easy-to-use features for your staff without having to learn or install new software.

  • Fire Protection

    Protect your business with Guardian Alarm’s fire protection, including commercial security monitoring systems for fire alarms, fire sprinklers, suppression systems, and exit and emergency lighting systems.

  • Touchscreen Panel

    Eliminate common security system frustrations, significantly reduce false alarms, and retire old security panels. Auto-arming ensures that your property never gets left unprotected. Cancel false alarms through the MyProTech mobile app or panel.

  • Access Control

    Create and delete user codes instantly with smart access control systems. Manage your monitoring station emergency contact list directly from the MyGuardianAlarm mobile app. Know instantly about unexpected events, such as doors opening at unusual times or unrecognized faces attempting to enter the building.

Create your customized alarm system

To create your customized alarm system with features like security cameras, mobile system access, and more, call today for a free consultation.


Business automation
at your fingertips

Whether it’s arming or disarming your system after-hours or getting alerts when employees open late, you can control every part of your security system and connected devices through the MyProTech mobile app. Catch up with the day’s events remotely—in 30 seconds or less—with Highlights, a quick visual summary of all alarm activity. Call today to learn more.


Customize your
security system

Create the custom security system you need for your business. Identify the main security risks associated with your business and our consultants will help guide you through the most effective areas for product placement. Call today to learn more.

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